A public inquiry must be demanded …


We, in BC, must stand up now and LOUDLY demand a public inquiry in to the Therapeutic Initiatives scandal.  8 drug researchers were dismissed in 2012, for reasons yet to be fully clarified … and one of these researchers, Roderick MacIsaac, committed suicide, very soon after learning of his firing.

There has been much in the news, again this week, particularly Rod MacIsaac’s sister, Linda Kayfish.  What actually happened in 2012 to cause these TI (Therapeutic Initiatives) researchers to loose their jobs?  What is the honest truth behind their firings?  And specifically, what had her brother done, to cause his firing?  which seemingly led to his suicide?

My youngest brother, Paul, also took his own life … 19 years ago.  My family still reels at his loss. Huge holes remain within each of us … that nothing can fill or repair.  However, for my family, we can partially understand Paul’s decision to die.  His drug and alcohol addictions had overtaken his life, completely … he had tried countless times to battle his demons.  For years.  But, on the eve of his 40th birthday, he gave up.  Suicide was his answer to end the pain and suffering, to himself and to others … he wanted peace.

Our BC Liberal govt has yet to provide clear reasons as to why the TI researchers, were fired. Too much continues to be covered up, denied, even deleted.  The provincial Liberal govt has continued to deny any wrong doing, on their part.  Even though they have since reinstated 5 of the 8 drug researchers, admitting wrongful dismissals?

The MacIsaac family deserve the truth about their Rod.  Why would he sacrifice his life, days before being granted a doctorate in drug research … a career in a field he had pursued for many years of his life.  What happened?  Who made the decision?  Why were the firings made?  Why has the BC Liberal continued to avoid answering the simplest of questions?

A public inquiry is needed to uncover the truths.

Stand up for honesty, and be heard.   Contact your MLA


Thank you for reading.




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