I’ll be wearing white, on Canada Day … will you?

… and flying my country’s flag, upside down.  Why?  Too much of what is happening in this nation, embarrasses me: our elected leaders,  my province’s premier, our prime minister, our senate, our main stream media reports … have you viewed the latest Conservative Party negative ad against Trudeau?  The one that includes the ISIS terrorists’ beheadings?  This ad is currently acceptable until Bill C-51 is formally passed.

What happened to an honest, open and transparent government?  Integrity and thoughtfulness to others?  Genuinely caring for all our citizens?  Accountability?

As I learn to work this WordPress formatted blog more skillfully … I’ve already accidentally deleted my first couple of posts, along with my first ever comment ….. my purpose is to promote conversation among readers … provide links to sites I’ve found noteworthy and worthy of time reading … offer personal experiences that have caused me to become such a concerned and now engaged, citizen …  encourage you to talk with others and get them thinking, too …

I really wanted to get this whole blog thing up and running before Canada Day.  So … what you see is what you get … so far.  Just be patient … my passion for Canada will serve me well as I take the time to learn the WP ropes, design functions, insert capabilities …

In the meantime, enjoy the Stat Holiday tomorrow … have some fun with your friends or family, keep hydrated and please take some time to consider:  are you truly proud of the 2015 version of Canada?  Unfortunately, I am not … but, that could all change.  Get engaged.

Thank you for reading.


10 thoughts on “I’ll be wearing white, on Canada Day … will you?

  1. Managed to delete the first couple of postings … I guess gray hair doesn’t hold as many active and functioning neurons as brown. This is a test to see if comments will forward.


  2. Jennifer, I look forward to following your postings and hope the process of learning to use the program doesn’t involve the loss of your active and functioning neurons or the loss of any more postings!!


      1. You’re not alone in being disheartened by the direction this country is going. With two of us working in the public sector it’s hard not to become disillusioned. It’s my sincere hope that Grady gets to grow up in the Canada we were raised in.


  3. I’ll be wearing white, too, as I don’t have any red summer wear and my Christmas sweaters are way too warm. Thanks for sharing your frustration with our health care system for geriatrics, Jennifer. I can’t believe your parents have to wait until 2016. That is ridiculous! At least you’re not waving a white flag…this problem will require a long term solution.


  4. You go, girl! There’s certainly lots of Canadian issues that need dissection and discussion. We live in one of the best countries in the world and want to keep it that way….


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